About Us

We don’t say this lightheartedly: Ideas make the world go ’round.

We believe that ideas are precious. They’re everything. At Saint James Studios, we roll up our sleeves and help bring your precious idea to life. Your excitement, nervousness, pressure, and burden—to bring this idea to life—become ours. We share the responsibility with you.

At the helm of Saint James Studios, Joe James has 20+ years’ experience in the entertainment industry creating concepts and storyboards for some of the world’s top directors. He loves helping ideas grow tall and strong. Joe is a creative-thinking partner—get him involved early to see what he’s really capable of. Co-creator of Saint James Studios, Yamilca Montanez, keeps projects running smoothly, always on-budget—and keeps everything behind-the-scenes equally as top-notch as the visuals.

The next big idea Joe is bringing to life? Comic book publishing company, Axel Ink.

Your idea will potentially be seen by millions. It will be representing a brand…representing YOU. It’s a big deal. We get it. We understand the magnitude. And we won’t let you down. Getting your ideas visualized on paper is crucial; we honor that responsibility. And yes, we can handle it.

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