JayJay Jackson

Illustrator / Designer

Artist, cultural spelunker, quirky visionary

JayJay is an artist, writer, cultural spelunker and quirky visionary who specializes in UI design, web design, logo design, comic books and illustration as well as copy writing and fiction. Inspired by a fathomless imagination, JayJay does illustration for magazines such as VIBE and Royal Flush, creates album packaging and concert posters for urban and indie music, and writes and illustrates books, graphic novels and comic books. In what she laughingly calls her “spare time” JayJay self-publishes fiction.

Educated at the University of Texas, New York’s School of Visual Arts and the New York Academy of Art, Jay Jay loves learning above almost everything; she is drawn to understanding something’s most hidden intricacies. She used to explore caves—now she explores cultures the same way.

During her career, JayJay has been an art director at Texas Instruments, Marvel Comics, VALIANT, Defiant and Broadway Comics, Display Technologies and other forward-thinking companies.

As a child, Jay Jay’s grandmother gave her a book of Charles Addams cartoons. She jokes, “I recognized my tribe immediately.” She joyously embraces being her quirky self—because it’s that self who is able to bring clients unique, passionate, immersive outcomes. JayJay does nothing halfway; she goes deep into everything she takes on.