Yamilca Montanez

Managing Partner

Go-getter, catalyst, fax machine expert.

After learning the ropes at Hungry Man, Yamilca teamed up with Joe in 2002 to bring Saint James Studios to life. As the co-founder at SJS, Yamilca handles daily operations, sales, marketing, proposals, contracts, hiring, billing and legalities.

Yamilca brings 14 years working with top directors and producers on Super Bowl commercials and ad campaigns from Alize to AT&T. With deep marketing and communications expertise and a BS in Communications from St. John’s University, Yamilca is a team builder who unites creatives from various disciplines to develop websites, ad campaigns and specialty comic books. She is resourceful, connected, and equipped to handle any and every situation with poise.

Yamilca’s special talents include being the only person in the office who knows how to use the fax machine (yes, she still sends faxes on a regular basis!), turning life’s lemons into lemonade, and being able to make a tasty meal from whatever miscellaneous ingredients are in the fridge. She also gets regularly accused of rolling out of bed with the best hair ever—an accusation she graciously accepts. Yamilca bills determination, tons of energy, and believing in the goodness of people as her secret weapons.

Want a seamless experience working with Saint James Studios? Yamilca excels at maximizing budgets, minimizing headaches, and doing everything in her power to give clients a top-notch experience. When you speak to Yamilca, you’ll realize that her energy and smile are contagious (and she has plenty of both to share).

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