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Today, we are excited to share our Q&A with Publicist Lauri Aloi!

You’re connected to over 500 creatives on LinkedIn.  As a top publicist in the industry, you’ve helped many A-list film directors manage and implement their career objectives, what would you say is the toughest part of your job?

I have been very fortunate to have great relationships with amazingly talented directors. Indisputably, some of the best storytellers in the business – advertising, television and film. The work is always at the highest level, so the toughest part of my job is ensuring that directors (or digital artists, musicians, producers, creatives or execs) achieve their goals both strategically and gracefully, and within the right window of opportunity. The business is extremely competitive, everybody is very passionate and everything is very deadline driven.

What made you choose this aspect of the entertainment industry?

A series of random events … I wanted to be a film critic, so I went to school for visual arts/media with a photography emphasis, then I got a master’s in journalism. I covered indie film as a stringer when I was in my twenties, then got a staff job at SHOOT, which is still around and covers commercial production. That led to opportunities working at companies in music production and commercial production. Advertising has been a base, but the business has broadened extensively, so there is a lot of cross-over to entertainment and technology; for instance, with branded entertainment and VR. A lot of talent I work with create both long and short-form content, so that makes what I do more interesting.

What motivated you to create your own company?

Slightly random events led to me working independently. My last staff job was hungry man, where I had a great run for nearly eight years as EP/Head of Sales. It’s not until you leave and get perspective that you realize what a truly amazing adventure you’ve had. I left in 2008 to write a book, which I spent a long time on, finished, but never published. Then people I had worked with over the years began calling me to help them with image work, meaning publicity or PR. Since I had been helping people put their best foot forward for many years as a talent rep, and am a good communicator and diplomat, I have kept busy working with many great clients as a publicist. But my sweet spot remains working with directorial talent.

Favorite place you’ve visited and why?

I’ve been lucky to travel all over the world, from Tokyo and Hong Kong to Stockholm, Prague and Berlin, to note only a few cities. Although I’m a bit of a gypsy and love all my travels, my favorite place so far has been Paros, Greece. The remoteness. The dazzling blue water of the Aegean Sea, the perfect hot and dry climate, amazing food and a real feeling of being away from everything limiting. I visualize the floating dock off the Astir of Paros as my zen destination for peace and tranquility.

People would be surprised if they knew…

I’d love to move to a home in the country, surround myself with animals, cook my heart out and devote myself more to what I’m most passionate about like animal rescue work; I volunteer now at two great rescues in Los Angeles – Westside German Shepherd and Much Love.

The internet shuts down in America, list three things you do as a result.

1. Rejoice. 2. Pick up a pencil and yellow legal pad and write another book. 3. Drop kick my cell phone into the ocean.

Lauri Aloi began her career as a journalist writing for consumer publications such as Detour and Syracuse Herald-Journal and trades such as The Licensing Book and SHOOT, then segued into talent management. She was a music producer and rep before graduating to representing commercial directors. She worked with top production company Partizan, and for a long stretch was a household name at hungry man where she was Executive Producer/Head of Sales for the Palme d’Or-winning company. In 2008 she shifted gears, parlaying her experience in journalism, production and talent management into working as a Publicist/Consultant for companies in advertising, production, entertainment and tech. Lauri has worked with a wide array of A-listers including O Positive Films, Anonymous Content, The Mill, Trailer Park, MPC, Search Party Music and many more.

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