Back in ancient times…there were pictures and words.

Back when the earth was still melting and dinosaurs were a recent memory.

When Atari was considered cutting edge.

When smart telephone service included call waiting.

When advertising agencies sent out for their typesetting.

When a 500 mb hard drive was considered something to behold.

When the song “Dont Worry, be Happy” was a hit in the same year that Prozac was introduced.

Before comic books were eaten alive by speculators.


As Van Morrison once sang; “Previous, Previous, Previous…”

There were always pictures and words.

Paper, pencils and ink were used in the service of pictues and words.  And it was good.

Now we use wacom tablets, inklings, multiple monitors and…paper, pencil and inks in the service of pictures, words, motion and sound.

And it’s still very, very good.

The past was beautiful but the future is so bright….that I must use non-reflective eye glasses to get anything done.

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